Mohammad Amir Joins Quetta Gladiators

Mohammad Amir Joins Quetta Gladiators

In a surprising turn of events, left-handed pacer Mohammad Amir has found a new home with the Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 Draft. After bidding farewell to the Karachi Kings, his team since the inaugural season in 2016, Amir’s future in the league seemed uncertain. However, the Gladiators made a bold move by selecting him as their second pick in the Platinum round, putting all speculations to rest.

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Expressing his gratitude, Amir took to his social media account and shared his joy at being chosen by the 2019 PSL champions.

In a heartfelt post, Amir quoted a verse from the Qur’an, “And He honors whom He wills, and He disgraces whom He wills,” acknowledging the opportunities that have come his way.

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Mohammad Amir PSL Bowling Record

 InningsMatchesBallsRunsBBIAverageStrike RateMaiden2w3w5w8w10wWickets
Both Innings606513431661N/A28.1522.7665600059
1st Innings3133707848N/A23.5519.6324400036
2nd Innings2932636813N/A35.3427.6541200023
Right-Handed Batsmen45
1- LBW7
2- Bowled8
3- Stumped0
4- Catch29
Left-Handed Batsmen18
1- LBW0
2- Bowled3
3- Stumped0
4- Catch15

Amir’s retirement from international cricket in December 2020 raised questions about his future in the sport. While he continues to actively participate in cricket leagues around the world, he has made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to international cricket. Pakistan Team Director Hafeez, who personally reached out to the left-arm pacer, encouraged him to focus on domestic cricket if he aspires to represent Pakistan again.

In a conversation with Hafeez before departing for Australia, he shared, “I called Mohammad Amir myself and said that if you want to play for Pakistan, you should take your retirement back and you should play domestic cricket. If you perform well, you will be selected in the Pakistan team. Once you come into the team, I assure you that you will be given equal opportunities like others. However, he said that he has moved on in his life, and his priorities have changed, which we have to respect.”

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Amir’s decision to retire has been met with mixed reactions. While some fans hoped for his return, he remains steadfast in his choice. In a media interaction earlier this year, he reiterated his retirement, highlighting the need for the younger generation to take the reins and flourish in the sport.

“I have retired now, how am I hopeful for my return? If I hadn’t retired, I could have said that I am very hopeful, but now I have retired. Now I have grown old, and there are youngsters in the team,” Amir explained.

No one can deny the Mohammad Amir’s impressive track record in the PSL. Throughout his career, he has exhibited exceptional skills, leaving a lasting impact on the league. His ability to swing the ball at pace and deceive batsmen with his variations has made him a one of the best PSL bowlers in the tournament. Amir’s contributions have played a significant role in the success of his former team, the Karachi Kings.

As Mohammad Amir started a new journey with the Quetta Gladiators, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his mastery on the pitch once again. The Gladiators’ decision to acquire a player of Amir’s caliber demonstrates their commitment to assembling a strong and balanced squad. With his experience and expertise, Amir has the potential to propel the Gladiators to new heights in the upcoming PSL season.

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